Si-Los Entertainment About Us

Carlos Salcedo

Hi, my name is Carlos Salcedo

I am from Streamwood, located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. My true passion resides in the film industry. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by movies and music. It forged me into who I am today and inspired me to push myself to be better and help those in need. When my time comes, I hope to do the same in the near future.

The reason I decided to venture into photography is because looking at a good picture of yourself releases a certain dopamine into your brain, and that’s what #SiLosEntertainment is all about: making others feel better about themselves. Some people prefer to laugh and kick you while you’re down rather than lend a hand and help you back on your feet. Here at #ShotBySiLos, a subsidiary of #SiLosEntertainment, our goal is to capture those illustrious moments that bring sheer joy to yourself and others. Make you fall in love with yourself again and forever cherish those memorable moments.

Brian Benitez

Hi, my name is Brian Benitez

I was born and raised in Streamwood, a small town just northwest of the Windy City. I am the Co-Founder here at SiLosEntertainment. I recently graduated from community college and am pursuing a financial degree at NIU. One of my many goals in life is to get into business and economics.

My goal in life is to help immigrants, like my own family, understand how the economy works. Another goal of mine is to bring financial freedom to as many people as possible. I'm interested in the stock market, sports, cryptocurrency, and reading.

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